Cool Zombie Gifts

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Brrrrraaaaiiinnnsss… Love Zombies? well here is a great selection of zombie inspired gifts for any horror movie lover.

1. Zombie Toilet Paper Holder

Whether it’s for Halloween or the pandemic this zombie toilet paper holder is sure to give any guest a scare in your bathroom. Each holder is hand-finished and hand-cast with real crushed stone bonded with resin.

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2. Lawn Zombie Decoration

With Halloween right around the corner there is no better way to scare potential trick or treaters than with a zombie digging out of the ground. ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE – This flesh hungry undead zombie garden ghoul claws his way out of your Halloween night cemetery grave lawn or can be decorative year round in a vintage Gothic themed haunted house bathroom, bedroom or kitchen table NOT FOR THE FAINT OF…

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3. Zombie Beef Jerky

Brrrraaaains, this is the perfect gift for the zombie addict in your life. This green zombie beef jerky is sure to shock just about anyone. Its teriyaki flavor is perfect for a spooky halloween snack.

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4. Zombie Bookends

These zombies know exactly how to get the juiciest, plumpest brain out there; hang out near books. These hilarious and trendy Mustard Zombie Bookends are a perfect addition to any office or library. Do you know a zombie lover who trains their brain with text on a regular basis? You may have just found the perfect gift. There is no better product to keep your Walking Dead seasons and comics…

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5. Infected Stress Ball

Relieve stress with the gross and fun disease infected stress ball. Ideal to wade off stress at the office of an incoming zombie invasion. With multiple colors to choose from there’s sure to be a disease for everyone in the office.

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6. Zombie Horse Head Mask

While all the horses are at pasture you’ll be able to scare them with the zombie apocalypse with this zombie horse head mask. If you’re going to a party you’ll be sure to frighten all of the guests wearing their normal horse head masks.


7. The Walking Dead: Compendium One

You love the TV show so check out the compendium! More story for you that chronicles the experiences of the characters from the show. Tired of waiting every week for a new episode to see what is going on? Take a step back and learn more about what started it all!

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9. Zombie Apocalypse Survival Kit

When the zombie apocalypse hits you’re going to want to be ready and luckily Gerber makes a kit with all of the essential tools for zombie slaying. With an axe, Bear Grylls parang, two machetes, and three knives all in a carrying case for easy transportation. These seven tools will give you plenty of ways to destroy zombies in your path.

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