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Coffee Gifts for the Caffeine Addict in your Life

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Who doesn’t love coffee, there is nothing like a caffeine boost in the morning. From interesting coffee mugs to highly caffeinated coffee beans we’re sure to have the perfect gift for the coffee drinker in your life.

1. Gourmet Coffee Sampler Box

Perk up your pal’s mornings with the ultimate wake-up call – a gourmet coffee sampler box! This isn’t just coffee; it’s a world tour in a cup, hand-roasted by Seattle’s finest artisanal coffee wizards. With four different flavors, each sip is like a new dawn of taste and aroma. Gift this box and transform their daily grind into a daily delight. It’s the perfect “bean”ginning for any coffee lover’s day!

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2. Coffee flowchart

For the coffee connoisseur in your life, Pop Chart’s Compendious Coffee Chart is like a java journey on paper! This 24-by-18-inch masterpiece is a caffeinated explorer’s dream, detailing every brew method, ingredient, and ratio known to baristakind. More than just a guide, it’s a tribute to the art of coffee, perfect for adding a buzz of style to any wall. Unframed with an option to mount on birch-plywood, it’s the…

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3. More Espresso Less Depresso Sign

Coffee lovers will love this “More Espresso Less Depresso” retro print. This poster print comes in multiple sizes and 3 different colors including burnt orange, coffee brown, and emerald green.

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4. Keurig K-Mini Coffee Maker

Anyone who has ever used a Keurig knows how incredibly easy poppin’ in a pod and making a cup of coffee is. No matter the time of day the Keurig K-Mini makes it easy to make a quick cup of joe.

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5. Airtight Cold Brew Iced Coffee Maker

Coffee lovers will love brewing their own cold brew coffee in this Airtight cold brew maker. Just pour your favorite ground coffee in the included filter and pour water into the jug. After 12-24 hours of sitting in your fridge, your cold brew will be ready! Best of all in the container, your cold brew will stay fresh for up to 2 weeks.

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6. Hyper Fast Iced Coffee Maker

Sometimes you crave an iced coffee but don’t want to refrigerate the coffee overnight. The HyperChiller is here to quickly chill any liquid including coffee, wine, or even booze. Simply throw water in the HyperChiller and leave it in your freezer for when you want a chilled drink. Then you can take it out and pour coffee directly into it and you’ll have chilled iced coffee in little as 60…

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7. Merlot Infused Coffee

Bring a bit of last night to this morning with this merlot infused coffee. This coffee is aged in Merlot wine barrels to add a subtle hint of wine flavor.

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8. Coffee Pot Coffee Mug

Enjoy coffee like never before, straight from the coffee pot. If you’ love drip coffee you will love the office vibes this coffee mug gifts off. Whether you like coffee or tea this 20 ounce mug will be a great addition to the mug cabnet.

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9. Ember: Temperature Control Ceramic Mug

If you’re a coffee addict you know how annoying it can be to leave your desk and come back to a sad cold cup of coffee. Well with the Ember mug you can now keep your coffee at the perfect temperature when it’s sitting at your desk. With its included app you can even control the exact temperature to keep your tea or coffee.

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10. Instant Coffee Capsules

Handcrafted coffee on the go

Load up on caffeine with these instant coffee capsules. Handcrafted with small trade arabica beans these freeze dried coffee crystals will give you pour over coffee taste on the go.

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11. I Miss Drugs Coffee Mug

“Drugs are bad..ummmkay?”  Oh, shut it Mr. Garrison, and have a friggin’ cup of coffee. :P  While the quirky teacher from South Park may have a valid point, the euphoric truth is that many of us had some of the best times of our lives while high :) And with that sentiment in mind, a simple yet awesome coffee mug was born! It’s okay to look back at those high times with…

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12. Caffeinated Toothpaste

If you love a morning cup of coffee you’ll love getting caffeinated with this toothpaste. Just brush your teeth in the morning with Power toothpaste which includes caffeine and it’ll be absorbed directly through your gums as you brush.

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13. Get Sh*t Done Mug

It’s 2018. It’s about time you get some sh*t done. With this Get Sh*t Done Mug you can remind yourself of this fact with every caffeine induced sip. Bored at work? Take a sip and read the facts! GET SH*T DONE!

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14. Anti-Morning Person Coffee Mug

Am I the only one that thinks mornings suck?  Birds singing all loud. Sun rising all bright. Alarm clock shrieking like mad. Yeah, screw that! Here’s the perfect gift for the grumpy coffee drinker in your life.  This quality coffee mug is a truthful statement to how some people truly feel about morning and its bubbly, bright-eyed bushy tailed disciples. It invokes the attitude of our kind. It’s a great collectible…

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15. Poo-shaped Coffee Mug

Coffee is a beautiful thing. But this hilarious mug is here to make light of its ugly yet awesome truth! There’s no doubt —it cleans us out! And thank God it does! Because who wants to drink some grainy fibrous concoction when they can clear their bowels with a hot tasty cup of joe?  ;) This ceramic 14 oz poo-shaped mug is sure to get giggles from light hearted coffee…

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16. Coffee Infused Maple Syrup

Add a coffee kick to your pancakes with this coffee infused maple syrup. Handmade in Brooklyn this maple syrup infused with stumptown coffee is sure to be a hipster’s dream, adds a unique twist to your pancakes, ice cream or even cocktails. Note: contains trace amounts of caffeine.

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17. Oh! For Fox Sake Mug

There you are… It’s a dreary Monday morning. You just got into the office, you open up your email. Your boss totally just botched the appointment you set for them. OH! FOR FOX SAKE…. This mug might not be as effective as the coffee inside to get you through your day, but it is a friendly reminder that no matter how hard you try, someone else is going to put…

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18. Game Boy Heat Changing Mug

Does a hot cup of coffee fire you up in the morning the same way firing up Pokemon Red felt 20 years ago? It probably doesn’t get you nearly excited enough to drudge through adulthood, but hopefully a couple cups of joe in this particular mug will set your day on a course of pure bliss. Check out this game Boy Heat Changing Mug. True to original form, this detailed…

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19. I Do What I Want – Cat Mug

Feeling extra ornery today? Need to flip off the world to blow off some steam? This ‘I Do What I Want Cat Mug’ is the purrrfect companion to your morning caffeine sessions to get back on track. This delightful little comic cat is shown doing exactly what she wants, telling the world to fuck off. The perfect conversation stopper at the office or the breakfast table. Be confident knowing that…

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20. Star Wars R2-D2 Coffee Press

Beep-Boop time for my morning buzz! This adorable R2-D2 coffee press is what you’ve been missing in your morning routine. It is one thing to enjoy a wonderful cup of coffee, but it is another thing to have an expert craftsman (R2-D2) press it for you. Originally conceived as a helper droid, there really is no task R2-D2 isn’t capable of completing for you. Offering you a bold, hot cup…

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21. Death Wish Coffee

Stay woke, awesome friends. Death Wish Coffee is a highly caffeinated coffee bean that comes from New York. It is an exceptional blend of South American beans that provides a distinct strong taste and of course a massive dose of caffeine to get your morning (or hell even your night) going. The beauty of this product is that it is 100% natural with no added flavors, no added caffeine, no…

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22. Tough Portable Coffee Maker

Brew up a K-Cup anywhere with this tough portable coffee maker. With it’s dust and water resistant body it’ll withstand anything you can throw at it. A perfect addition to any camp site to quickly brew up a coffee in the morning.

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23. Heart Shaped Tea Cups

Share a glass of romantic tea in the mornings with your loved one using these clear heart shaped tea cups. Great for longing for each other over the morning crossword. Plus these homemade mugs are double wall insulated so they will keep your hands cool and your tea or coffee warm!

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24. Horn Shaped Coffee Mug

This trendy coffee mug is perfect for the city biker or commuter who needs a little more freedom with their hands and person. High quality craftsmanship sets this mug apart. Convenient for toting around, but also able to stand strong on any table. This Goat Story mug is equipped with a leather strap and a hemp holder and fits 12oz of your favorite coffee or other beverage. Inspired by the…

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25. Gigantic Coffee Mug

Mind over matter gets serious with this Gigantic Coffee Mug. Have you felt as though your coffee drinking has gotten out of control? Do you find yourself refilling your cup multiple times throughout the morning? The coffee gods heard your call and are offering up 64 ounces of ceramic bliss. Because who really needs more than one cup a day? A wonderful gift for the caffeine addict, or just a…

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26. Star Wars Lightsaber Heat Change Mug

When you take that first sip of hot coffee in the morning does it feel like you flicked your lightsaber on? Does it get you prepared to fight the Sith Lords with all your Jedi might and prowess? This Star Wars Lightsaber Heat Changing Mug is the perfect morning motivator to get you slicing through your workload. This mug boasts a wonderful collection of Lightsabers from some of your favorite…


27. Global Warming Mug

Watch our coastline disappear on this temperature sensitive mug. The global warming mug is perfect for a scientist who enjoys a cup of warm coffee in the morning.

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28. Star Wars Self Stirring Mug

Use the force and stir up any delicious drinks in this Star Wars self stirring mug. Mix up hot cocoa or even coffee and creamer all with the power of the force! No more messy spoons lying around your kitchen in the morning. With Darth Vader’s face and the text “The force is strong with this one” on the side your office mates will be sure to know you bow to the…

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29. Interlocking Coffee Cups

Serve coffee to your guests with ease using these interlocking coffee mugs. Carrying three coffee cups at time can be difficult well luckily these have notches in each cup to connect them together for easier movement.

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30. Upscaled Lego Mug

Anyone growing up with Legos remembers those tiny little lego mugs. Well now you can relive your childhood joy of creating with this upscaled Lego mug. Fill it up with coffee in the morning and watch your children enjoying their own set of Legos blocks.

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31. 90’s Retro Jazz Mug

Bring the 90’s back in your office and get jiggy with it whenever you go to the break room with this retro solo cup “Jazz” pattern mug. The classic teal and purple combo will go perfectly with your pogs and old school nike windbreaker you have in your cubicle. You could just order some of the original jazz solo cups, but unfortunately the 90s were not as concerned about “recycling”…

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32. Double Shot Coffee/Espresso Mug

Mornings are hard, and without a healthy dose of caffeine, the world can be a hellish place, indeed. This Double Shot Coffee/Espresso mug is made especially for those who need a truly strong pick-me-up. Pour your espresso into one end, then flip the mug over for your regular old cuppa. This even has the benefit of being fewer dishes that you have to wash.

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33. Basketball Hoop Mug

Hot chocolate is fun. Playing with your food is fun. Using this basketball hoop mug to play basketball with the marshmellows in your hot chocolate is super fun. Alley-oop!

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34. Love Mugs

Have fun trying to drink out of these Love Mugs. We aren’t entirely sure if they are awesome, but some sap is going to buy them hoping their significant other will enjoy drinking out of a poorly designed mug.

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35. The Craft Beer Revolution!

This new book written by Steve Hindy explores the advancement and popularization of Craft Beer across the United States. Craft beers have exploded in popularity over the past couple decades and for good reason; they are tasty, complex, and effective. This book makes a great gift for the craft beer lover in your life or as a nice coffee table piece for the beer advocate.

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36. I Shoot People Mug

OK not that kind of shoot… C’mon now! We don’t promote violence here at awesome stuff, but we do promote humor and good photography! Although, we do have to consider the unlikeliness that an office mate would steal this mug out of pure fear. Great gift for the photographer in your life.

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37. Best Entry Level Employee Mug

Trying to let that new college grad in your office know how you feel? Or, as the entry level employee, do you want to make a statement to your coworkers and let them know you really are the best thing going? Hell, you gotta drink coffee out of something and who has time for dishes? Just buy a new mug.

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38. Work and Weekend Mugs

Ever have trouble deciding which mug to use for a particular day? Represent your grumpy disposition with the work day mug, or represent your ‘don’t give a shit’ attitude on the weekend! Either way you will be honest with yourself and those around you.

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39. The Unt Mug

Not everyone has the ability to sip some strong joe from the Unt mug. Do you want to be one of those people? Are you a complete Unt? Is your mom an Unt? Maybe your girlfriend is an Unt. Either way, this gift is sure to delight the Unts in all of us.

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40. Shark Encounter Wall Projector

Enter the wild ocean and experience the great deep blue in your own bedroom! Lifelike and well detailed, this shark projection device will be a hit for young kids or the ocean enthusiast in all of us. Comes with ocean life decals and a light to replicate the flow of the ocean water.

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41. Gun Mug

Drain the clip and reload with this Gun Mug. Talk about a pep me up. Take a round to the face and be more alert than ever. Perfect gift for the gun lover in your life.

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42. Prescription Coffee Mug

Hell, you could be medicating with something worse than coffee. Get your medications straight in the morning and follow doctor’s orders with this refillable coffee prescription. Drink until empty and refill until motivated.

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43. World’s Largest Coffee Cup

One cup of coffee ain’t doing it for you anymore? well the world’s largest coffee cup holds 20 cups worth of coffee so you’ll be wired for hour. This is especially good for those long commutes where you don’t want to stop for your 3rd cup of coffee and of course makes a wonderful gag gift.

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46. Camera Lens Mug

Nothing like sipping your coffee out of a camera lens after a long day of work in the field. It’ll be the perfect companion to your Canon 5D Mark IV. Show your love for your work with this Canon lens mug.

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So go ahead and spoil the coffee lover in your life with our carefully curated collection of cool coffee gifts. These items are not only useful, but also a fun way to express your appreciation for the daily grind.

Whether you’re shopping for yourself or a fellow coffee enthusiast, our selection is sure to make you happy (and hopefully, a kick in your step). So, why delay? Get your caffeine fix and your shopping fix in one convenient location!

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