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Whether it’s whiskey for vodka shots can really get the party started. These cool shot glasses are sure to entice anyone to have a shot. Even if you’re not a fan of doing shots they can be fun to have around your bar setup or even be used to measure cocktails.

Cool Drinking Accessories

Indulge in scientific precision even during your wild moments with these laboratory beaker shot glasses. Perfect for the science enthusiast, this set includes Erlenmeyer flasks and beakers, all complete with accurate volume…

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No better way to represent your hangover from shots than with this crystal skull shot glass! Just pour a nice chilled vodka shot in this spooky glasses and you’ll be having a…

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Start your New Year’s Eve Party off right when you serve your friends their favorite drinks in these Peppermint Flavored Candy Cane Edible Shot Glasses. Your friends will come back for more…

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Bring the party with this set of 9 pool ball shot glasses. Throw back a few shots of whiskey with the boys while shooting a game of pool. Just make sure your…

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Nothing says manliness like doing bourbon shots from a shot glass with a 9mm handgun round stuck in it. This shot glass is sure to turn heads at any pregame event, it may…

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Put back that whiskey with a scientific touch. These adorable Chemistry Beaker Shot Glasses will add a touch of whimsy and scientific discovery with every burn. What better way to experiment just…

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Get the party started with some chill shots. These little freezable gel shot glasses are a quick and convenient way to chill your warm, disgusting liquor in no time at all so…

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Trying to mix liquor with beer? Well get sicker with this pint glass with a shot glass on the bottom. Just flip your cup around to quickly convert from a beer capable glass to…

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