Do you find the act of ‘making it rain’ pleasurable? Have you ever wondered; “Wow, how can I make it rain more”??? The Cash Money Gun won’t just make it rain, consider…

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Shooting rubber bands at your friends is a staple of anyone’s childhood. Well now you can pass down the tradition to your kids with these wooden rubber band guns based on actual…

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Load up some salt from the dinner table and start gunning down flies with the bug-a-salt. Be sure to pick up a bag of salt so you never have to reload.

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You never know when that guy with the corner desk in the office could go off, which is why you need to prepare yourself in the most extreme way possible: an Under…

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Threaten your enemies with your new ‘arm.’ Playing cops and robbers just got a little more serious. It might actually not fire inflatable bullets, but the comedy of it and the ability…

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Have a crazy guy following you, well whip out your gun, oh wait it’s a knife. No one will expect the knife to come out of this gun shaped folding knife. A…

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Lock N’ load and take a shot at this alarm clock with it’s wireless gun. Nothing will make you more alert in the morning than some target practice on this awesome alarm…


POW! your lights are on, and it only took a pull of a trigger. This lamp looks amazing and you’ll never have to move due to the pistol remote it comes with.

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