Bacon Lanyard

Ever dreamed of slinging some hot juicy bacon around your neck? Maybe you have actually gone through with this dream and actually done it.

Regardless of your experience with bacon and wearing it, we are here to provide you with a safe, non-greasy option to feel one with your favorite breakfast delicacy.

Impress your friends and co-workers. Who wants to wear a silly branded lanyard? Why market someone else’s product for free? Liberate yourself and go full on bacon.

The only thing that could make this Bacon Lanyard better is if it actually had a bacon scent…. then again how would you control your appetite if that were the case?

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Why eat out of a bowl you have to clean afterwards? Be resourceful and economic by eating the bowl your food is served…

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Even while injured it’s good to be relieved by a strip of bacon, luckily Bacon Bandaids exist! Sadly these lack the real smell…

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Start kids early on financial values with Moonjar. This new take on a piggy bank encourages kids to responsibly spend, save, and share…

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