Feeling sneaking? Hide your stash in the iStash hidden iPhone container, it’s a great alternative to carrying around a wallet. Luckily it looks like a iPhone 3g so most likely no one will want to steal your old paper weight. It closes with a vertical lock, which you can see in the video, so even if someone finds your iStash they most likely won’t be able to open it up. Great for stashing cannabis  condoms, cigarettes  or anything else you want to keep private.


15 thoughts on “iStash

  1. that is the stupidest idea I've ever seen. People are more inclined to steal your iPhone then they are a wallet. and you'd look like an idiot carrying 2 phones around because I assume no one fuckin carries around an iphone 3 anymore.

  2. I know.. I'll hide all my valuable items inside something that looks valuable! then the thief will be all "woot I got an iphone.. no wait.. I got credit cards!" here's a better idea… make it a Nokia 2110… that shits got an antenna no one wants to steal something that's got an antenna…

  3. Yeah, except that in my experience the police are a damned sight smarter than the people trying to hide things from them. If they have a right to search you, you can be sure they are searching your phone. Especially when you're carrying TWO phones.

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