Nobody gives better birthday wishes than Donald Trump, really terric and everyone agrees. Whether you’re a fan of Trump or not this hilarious card is sure to give anyone a laugh.

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Birthday’s can be boring but you can make someone’s day with an obligatory birthday card. If you have a friend with a twisted sense of humor this is sure to give them…

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Add a shocking butterfly surprise to anyone’s big day. This DIY flying butterfly prank kit allows you to add a rubber band loaded butterfly to anyone’s card, plus it’s reusable! Flys up to 20…

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Finally a card game for adult, Cards Against Humanity is very sick and twisted version of apple to apples. On the current player’s turn they pull a card such as “The academy…

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Tis’ the season to wish your friend a Merry Fucking Christmas! Christmas not your style? then how about a “Happy Fucking Holidays” card, these beautiful Calligraphy cards come with many explicit twists. For example if…

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