This is the ultimate Valentine’s day card for fans of the Office. Show your true love using the best romance story on television with this “You’re The Pam To My Jim” card.…

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Nobody gives better birthday wishes than Donald Trump, really terric and everyone agrees. Whether you’re a fan of Trump or not this hilarious card is sure to give anyone a laugh.

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Birthday’s can be boring but you can make someone’s day with an obligatory birthday card. If you have a friend with a twisted sense of humor this is sure to give them…

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Add a shocking butterfly surprise to anyone’s big day. This DIY flying butterfly prank kit allows you to add a rubber band loaded butterfly to anyone’s card, plus it’s reusable! Flys up to 20…

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Finally a card game for adult, Cards Against Humanity is very sick and twisted version of apple to apples. On the current player’s turn they pull a card such as “The academy…

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Tis’ the season to wish your friend a Merry Fucking Christmas! Christmas not your style? then how about a “Happy Fucking Holidays” card, these beautiful Calligraphy cards come with many explicit twists. For example if…

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